Teens Courses

Please note that our Teens courses have temporarily moved online. We are also offering numerous online educational and recreational resources to explore - CLICK HERE.

Learn French at home and join our online community!

Our online courses have been designed to temporarily replace our usual classes. As such, they will still be just as engaging, educational and  dynamic, only delivered through a different medium!

To read Director Philippe Ostermann's comments concerning our online courses and the current climate, CLICK HERE.

Our e-learning teens plan is based on two tools:

1) A video conference tool, Zoom. There will be a weekly video conference session for speaking practice, led by one of our teachers. These sessions will allow a maximum amount of student engagement and teacher interaction. For your guide on how to use Zoom CLICK HERE. 

2) A platform, Apolearn, that you can use anywhere, anytime. Specifically, students will receive unlimited access to this e-learning platform, where they will participate in a range of activities and exercises. The teacher will continuously monitor these results to follow each student's progress and identify where they might need some further assistance. For your guide on how to use Apolearn CLICK HERE

For questions concerning enrolment, please contact enquiries@afsydney.com.au

For technical assistance, to receive more information on our e-learning plan or any other queries relating to our online courses, please reach out to onlinecourses@afsydney.com.au