Private Tuition

Our private tuitions are offered both face-to-face and online. For more information concerning our e-learning planning, click here.

Enrich your learning with tailor-made lessons adapted to your goals! Available both online and face-to-face, either in a one-on-one format or a small group setting; our private and semi-private tuition are easy to schedule and customised to your needs.


Between 9am and 8pm Monday to Friday. Saturday morning classes are very limited
Saturday afternoon and Sunday: closed


$99/h/pp : private tuitions          
$69/h/pp : semi private of 2 students      
$55/h/pp: semi private from 3 to 5 students         


Online classes use Zoom and Apolearn platform

Face-to-face classes take place at 257 Clarence Street, Sydney 2000

Levels/ Intensity

All levels

Online tuitions or Face-to-face lessons at your convenience

2 hours long

Minimum 6 hours booking


Package deal: 

5% discount for a 12 hours package     

10% discount for a 30 hours package  


Please follow this link to enrol so that we can match you with the right teacher: click here

As a student of ours, you’ll be given access to our resources online. For more info, click here