Lycée Condorcet Sydney (LCS) offer students from all over the world and all nationalities a unique educational experience from Maternelle to Year 12 (French or International Baccalaureate).

They currently have 950 students of 27 different nationalities enrolled in our school. With an emphasis on academic excellence and multiculturalism, our mission is to educate students in an international setting, so they can become multilingual citizens of the world.

LCS is part of the international network of French schools registered with the French Ministry of Education and the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE) as well as the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

The school’s curriculum is taught in both French and English, with the opportunity to learn additional languages from the beginning of secondary school. This allows students to leave feeling at home not just in France or Australia, but anywhere in the world.

Our school runs on a northern hemisphere timetable but also takes into account the Australian calendar.  Thus, the school year, which begins mid-August and ends in June, includes a mid-year break in January during the Southern hemisphere’s summer.

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