Your daily French mini-lesson

Improve your French daily with an email! Available on your PC, tablet and smartphone, you can practice your French outside of class at the Alliance Française de Sydney anywhere, anytime.

Every day, you'll receive a tailor-made French lesson: exercises, texts and dialogues adapted to your needs, capabilities and goals! Once it's completed, you'll immediately receive personalised corrections and explanations.

Frantastique app on smart phone

Personalise your learning

Select from a wide range of focus themes to personalise your lesson content, according to your interests and learning goals. 

Customise your experience

Beyond simply tracking your progress, can tweak your settings to customise which days of the week you wish to receive lessons, explore the authentic and current cultural references built into each lesson, download certificates of completion and more. 

Special Offer

Enjoy a complimentary, obligation-free trial of Frantastique or Frantastique Orthographe thanks to our partnership with Frantastique.

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For learners of all levels, wanting to further develop grammatical knowledge and expand vocabulary

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Frantastique Orthographe

For advanced or native-level speakers looking to focus on refining their written French


- Daily work: 15 minutes to read, listen and answer questions (quick, easy and practical)

- A level certificate (at the end of the course, a pedagogical report with all the statistics on levels and participation)

- A story: Victor Hugo (Frantastique)

- Immediate and personalised corrections (interactivity)

- A teaching method that adapts to the level of each student by taking into account the time that passes (personalisation, adaptive learning and intelligent engine)

- 3 offers (Basic, Premium and Pro) with different prices and functionalities according to each person's needs.