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Media resources for language instruction may be accessed online. The Alliance Française de Sydney is part of a professional network of more than 1,000 Alliances in 135 countries across every continent, with common standards and free online resources.


Get Fluent French is a language app available exclusively for students who attend a group class at the Alliance Française, offered in addition to your Intensive, Standard or Easy Going course. After each lesson, new exercises following the content and rhythm of your class - including a large selection of audio exercises - are released into the app. Each practice session combines new content with older material, so that you never forget what you learn : that’s dozens of extra exercises available forever on your Smartphone, computer or tablet to complement your course, for just $10 ! (complimentary for Standard Courses Students at the Alliance Française de Sydney)

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Aimed at French speaking children aged 3-12, TIVI5MONDE PLUS is the first entirely free, fun and educational online TV station. This innovative service allows not only French speaking families, but also anyone with a love of French who wishes to introduce their children to the French language and access quality children’s broadcasting in a safe environment, without any restriction on viewing times.

Working closely with its partner broadcaster (FranceTélévisions) TIVI5MONDE has selected the very best French children's programs. TIVI5MONDE PLUS offers a selection of the best children’s television from French speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada) including cartoons, entertainment, educational programs and news.

Various competitions and educational features are also organised around a number of these programs. Designed to promote the French language to youngsters abroad, Children's WEB TV will provide teachers with educational activities designed to encourage the learning and teaching of French through the use of cartoons.

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Radio France Internationale is a major international radio broadcaster boasting 46 million listeners. Broadcasting 33.5 hours of programs each week, RFI is partly funded by the French government and partly by audiovisual licence fees. On a daily basis, RFI covers a story making headlines in France (Focus on France) and each weekend they broadcast a story on the world of French culture (Culture in France). The longer 20-minute features can be heard daily and handle a wide range of subjects including French culture, African culture and world music.

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TV5 provides an online French Encyclopaedia and Dictionary covering definitions and synonyms, as well as English/ French and French/ English translations.In the French language section on TV5 you can also have fun testing yourself with conjugation tables, games (including crosswords or word searches), quizzes and the dictations of famous literary critic Bernard Pivot (with corrections).

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Lcf is the first magazine for Francophile French speakers. Both educational and informative, this new magazine is aimed at all those who like reading in French. Through these pages, editors are looking at nurturing your taste for French language and culture.
Lcf is a FLE (French as a Foreign Language) magazine that you can consult and download online for free. Every month, Lcf magazine offers you interesting and varied articles. All can be used as a teaching support, whether it is only a part of it or the whole article. It can also simply be a trigger or part of a more organized educational use.
All the articles are elaborated by a teaching team (all of them have a FLE certification) and vary depending on the level of difficulty. Moreover, in every edition, a selection of audio articles is also available: the text is read by a professional in a clear and easily understandable way. These files can be consulted and downloaded from the Lcf website for free. Enjoy the reading!
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