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Beauty in a rich, melodious language. Learn more about yourself, how languages brings us together and plan for future adventures from Provence to Paris and from Montreal to Nouméa.


More about France and Francophone culture, books, poetry, arts and film with Alliance Française de Sydney, internationally renowned and officially recognised by the French Government.


Yourself in a learning experience with others on their language journey, guided by passionate teaching professionals and using proven and fun approaches to learning.

Why learn another language?


Being able to communicate with somebody in their language is a rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunities to meet new people, create bonds with locals, discover marvels outside the tourist bubble and build lifelong memories.


Language opens up access to cultural adventures. Hear actors deliver their lines in their own language, experience the essence of a book in its original version, forge a greater appreciation for the arts, and start incredible new journeys.


Enhance your career with an invaluable skill. Speaking another language gives you the opportunity to attend overseas university institutions, opens doors to international job opportunities and sets you apart from your peers.

Embracing French culture and language with Alliance

People in so many places speak French from Belgium to Burkina Faso, Burundi, New Caledonia to Canada, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Monaco, Tahiti and Vanuatu, the Seychelles, Switzerland and of course France. Our mission is to share and promote the French language and Francophone cultures. That's everything from Manet, Monet, Cézanne and Degas to Edith Piaf and Serge Gainsbourg to Vanessa Paradis, Zaz, Stromae and Daft Punk.

We share our passion for all things French and Francophone through workshops, lectures, art exhibitions, film festivals, book clubs, celebrations of food and wine (and cheese), activities for children and language classes.

Nationally, Alliance presents Australia's premiere French Film Festival, the largest outside of France. This invaluable connection unlocks a cultural world, connects us to directors and to wonderful film archives. It allows us to explore the best of French cinema, see things from a French perspective and discover more of the language.

Learning is a journey

Language allows us to communicate, to share stories and to get things done on our own or with others. Whether your dream is to travel better, live or work in France, Alliance can support your learning journey at your own pace all the way through to French government accredited DELF exams.


When you learn a new language, you want to be able to use it with real people in real scenarios. Our action-based learning style focuses on this with interactive sessions that will get you speaking with confidence.

Learn everyday language

With the help of film, music and print media we help you better understand the natural flow of conversations and inflection, all while gaining a deeper understanding of French language, culture and character.

Connect and converse

Surround yourself with like-minded adventurers. Work in small groups with new friends at similar levels, immerse yourself in different situations, gradually build your confidence and practice what you're learning.

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