Lancôme inspired by magic castles and fairy-tale endings, the fragrance of romance. On Tuesday 5 December at 6.30pm, we invite you to join us for a night of pure opulence, where a perfume specialist will take your noses on an inspiring and magical fragrance journey through the life of Armand Petitjean – who founded Lancôme in 1935.

With a glass of French wine on arrival, you will be:

  • Introduced to some of their latest releases and exclusive fragrances.
  • Given a brief history on perfume from its very beginning till its current modern presence.
  • Equipped with the knowledge to distinguish between various scents and learn of their origins.
  • Shown how to choose the right fragrance for you and your partner.
  • Given a demonstration on how to apply perfume correctly.
  • Receive a gift bag of goodies at the conclusion of the event.

Perfume is inspiring, indulgent and arguably the most potent of aphrodisiacs. The goddess Aphrodite was said to have bathed in the sweet resins of flowers plucked by Eros (Cupid) from the garden of mount Olympus and every day the earth’s air was filed with this divine aroma which was responsible for inspiring love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation amongst the mortals.

$50 for AF members, $55 for non-members