French Talk: The wives of the French President and their role: from Madame de Gaulle to Brigitte Macron

In the Constitution of the French Fifth Republic, the President’s wife does not exist. However in reality, her role is one that has evolved throughout history, shaped by the different personalities of each successive woman and shifting societal values. Why then, does the President’s wife still not hold an official title?

Join us for an evening where Ross Steele will navigate the complexities around this question and more, as he delves deep into this often overlooked facet of French Presidential (and wider cultural) history. Glass of wine is included upon arrival. 

Ross Steele is a former Associate Professor of French at the University of Sydney and former President of the Federations of Alliance Françaises in Australia. In addition, he was the President of Honour at the Society of Members of the Légion d’Honneur.