Alliance Française Classic Film Festival

The Alliance Française Classic Film Festival is returning for its fourth year! The 2016 and 2017 successes have demonstrated that this Festival has found its audience! This evocative event is taking place in Sydney at Palace Norton St and Hayden Orpheum from 6 to 9 September.

The Alliance Française Classic Film Festival aims to showcase masterpieces of French cinema, highlighting an actor or director who has made an indelible contribution to France’s celebrated film industry. 

The 2018 season is focusing on the legendary Jeanne Moreau, showcasing restored versions of 6 of her most famous films from 1958 to 1991. Considered a key figure of La Nouvelle Vague, her international career has been recognized with many Awards such as a César for Best Actress, an honorary César, an honorary Golden Lion, an honorary Golden Bear at Berlin and an Oscar for her career.



JULES AND JIM (Jules et Jim) - 1962

Director: François Truffaut         
With: Oskar Werner & Henri Serre

An Austrian named Jules and a Frenchman named Jim enjoy the decadent lifestyle pre-WW1. Catherine, a wilful and alluring young woman is attracted to both of them. With WW1 looming, the young men find themselves on opposite sides of the battle. After the war, Catherine, married to Jules and raising their daughter, is emotionally dissatisfied and embarks on an affair with Jim. Under the resilient eyes of Jules, Catherine’s carefree behaviour soon leads to increasingly dramatic consequences.

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ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS (Ascenseur pour l'échafaud) - 1958

Director: Louis Malle
With:  Maurice Ronet & Lino Ventura
Florence, married to Simon, a wealthy arms dealer, has a torrid affair with her husband’s manager, Julien.  Together, they plot to murder Simon, intending to make his death resemble a suicide.  Upon following through with their lethal plan, Julien soon realises he has left vital evidence at the crime scene. But it’s not long before he learns that that his bad luck is just beginning…

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MODERATO CANTABILE (Moderato Cantabile) - 1960

Director: Peter Brook
With: Jean-Paul Belmondo & Didier Haudepin
Anne, a beautiful woman leads a banal life as the trophy wife of a town's leading industrialist. Witness to a murder at the bar next door, she becomes obsessed by it. Seeking answers, she develops a close relationship with Chauvin, a working-class man, who was also witness to the crime. Slowly, they find themselves being consumed by forces which threaten their own stability, leading to an intense but unconsummated affair.  Yet, like all affairs, it has to end.

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EVA (Eva) - 1962 

Director: Joseph Losey
With: Stanley Baker & Virna Lisi
Tyvian Jones, a pretentious, arrogant Welsh writer, isolates himself on a secluded island near Venice to work on his next story. To Tyvian’s surprise, Eva, a money-loving, seductively mysterious Frenchwoman is occupying his residence. It’s not long before Eva’s taunting physique and natural beauty ensnare this once haughty man in an erotic web from which there is seemingly no escape.

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DIARY OF A CHAMBERMAID (Journal d'une femme de chambre) - 1964

Director: Luis Buñuel
With: Georges Géret & Michel Piccoli

Set in the 1920s, Célestine, a stylish, attractive young woman, finds work as a chambermaid in a country chateau. Her employers, the Monteils, are an eccentric family, a frigid wife, a lustful husband and a father with a shoe-foot fetish. Adding to this mix is Joseph, the fascist farm-labourer, who expresses his desire to be with Celestine. Amidst this quirkiness, there is a calm that reigns in the village, suddenly interrupted when a little girl is found raped and murdered close to the Monteil residence.

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THE OLD LADY WHO WALKED IN THE SEA ( La vieille qui marchait dans la mer) - 1991

Director: Laurent Heynemann
With: Michel Serrault & Luc Thuillier
Eccentric, former glamourpuss, Lady M and her equally aging ex-lover Pompilius, have spent their lives conning the rich. Summering on the French Riviera, Lady M spots handsome beach boy/petty thief Lambert, and decides to groom him for their latest caper - a daring jewel heist.   Soon Lady M and her young gigolo are enjoying a sultry love affair. But, when Lambert double-crosses her, she's forced to choose between the two men in her life.

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