LOLUK BISTRO: The classic Provençal cuisine

Inspired by  French culinary traditions, their mother's recipes, the authentic southern French cuisine; Luc & Loic established their own bistro: LoLuk.

The menu is a traditional French “Grandma” way brought up to date with the expertise of the chef for the happiness of all of us.

After a successful 10 years’ experience across the world in the food and beverage industry, the two brothers made their dream come true in this beautiful city, Sydney, which has always been in their heart since 2008.

LoLuk Bistro welcomes you in a traditional Provence experience with a warm and cozy atmosphere that reflects the essence of the south of France.

Welcome to their small piece of France, welcome to authenticity, LoLuk Bistro is very happy to reopen its doors to their wonderful clients!