Concert: French Connections - Australia Ensemble

There is something precious about the intimacy of chamber music that allows an exploration of boundless emotional depths, from despair through to celebratory tones of ebullience and joy. The 2018 Australia Ensemble Subscription Series embraces these emotions via great chamber music from some of Australia’s most experienced and in-demand musicians.

A soothing balm to the white heat of the first program, we move to the cool perfection, wit and elegance of ‘French Connections’, exploring a diverse set of works from the brilliance of Boulez through to Debussy, Françaix and ending with the sumptuous Romanticism of Gabriel Fauré.


French Connections

Pierre BOULEZ | Dérive (1984)

Claude DEBUSSY | Sonata for flute, viola and harp (1915)

Jean FRANÇAIX | Clarinet Quintet (1977)

Gabriel FAURÉ | Piano Quartet no. 2 Op. 45 (1886)

Guest artists: Alice Giles, harp and Joshua Hill, percussion