Exhibition: Embodied Mash-Ups by Aude Parichot

Embodied Mash-Ups is inspired by the artist’s own experience of feeling displaced after leaving her birth country, France, and how the search for a new home far from home led her to look at the intricacies and depths of what we commonly call identity.

Searching to be grounded by using the relationship between body and space, Parichot has come to disect the layers within and without ourselves that makes up our unique identity. Beyond motherland identity, her creative process has led her to dive into deeper questions: what is it to be a woman, life models and relationship to others.

“This exhibition is also a conversation opener with the wider community, as a platform to share experiences of displacements and connect with other individuals at an emotional level in the search for belonging. I am looking forward to sharing my own experience, and see the impact of my art work on people’s own personal feelings”.

Aude Parichot’s exhibition will be hosted by Gaffa Gallery,  known for its exhibitions of emerging artists.

About Aude Parichot

Aude Parichot is French born, Sydney-based interdisciplinary artist with a current practice crossing photography, drawing, collage, painting and assemblage. Her visual language is a poetic way to engage with life. Aude creates from a raw and playful spontaneity by the connections she makes between people objects and spaces. She embraces change and works  with  discarded sources of images and materials. Her work evolves through the act of seeing and is fed by everyday encounters. Body, movement and space, has been in the act of making or subject matter, are central to her practice. She explores themes around human connections, self, other, place, and time.

More information available at www.audeparichot.com