From 27 November to 22 December, Sebastien Serville presents a selection of photos at the Alliance Française de Sydney that represent the things that inspire him from his neighbourhood, the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

For this exhibition, he walked through the streets with his camera and captured the importance of the sea, the beach and the architecture in this area.
His work reflects the imperfection of daily routine and improvisation of life. He purposely chose not to edit these pictures to render raw emotions and preserve the beauty of the instant.

Sebastien Serville

Born in France, Sebastien moved to Sydney in 2013. Being colour-blind, he is a self-taught photographer who learnt photography on the field more than 10 years ago when he started travelling and discovering other countries. His pictures showcase his way of perceiving his environment and how he feels about it. From Tanzania to Indonesia, Switzerland to the US, he is now enjoying the landscapes and architecture of down under and the Pacific Islands. He likes capturing the beauty of Nature to share his emotions with others and help them discover new horizons.

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