"Hôtel hôtel" exhibition

 "Hôtel hôtel"
Agay, France 2015 

The first exhibition by multi-award winning Australian photographer Yasmin Mund.

"Early one morning on my second visit to the small village of Agay, France, I witnessed a man taking down a hotel sign, letter by letter, from one of the many Hotels situated on the beachfront. I had fallen in love with the little village at the start of the summer in 2015, and to see some of it’s iconic scenery transforming in real time gave me a wave of perspective. Perhaps the hotel was closing because it was the end of summer? Perhaps it was because business wasn’t going so well, or possibly another reason all together?
As a photographer, I sometimes forget how documentary my work is. Without altering your images you are capitulating a moment in time. I was travelling through various countries in 2015 and I was photographing them as they presented themselves to me. When I witnessed this change in Agay’s landscape, it was a gentle reminder of the nature of my work. It was also a reminder of how temporal things are. As a viewer you see things and take them for what they are, where they are and in some way believe in them and their place. This idea sits at the centre of this series ‘Hôtel Hôtel’ and my memory of this little village, almost like a memento of a summer that will never be again, and another reminder that change is a constant."

Agay is situated between St Tropez and Cannes on Cote d’Azur of France. It’s famous for it’s unique backdrop of rocky red hills that overlook it’s large natural bay set on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.
Agay is a popular holiday destination for the French with many villas and hotels nestled right up into its red hills. Unknown to the locals the scenery of Agay is quite iconic featuring a colour pallet of pinks, greens, oranges and reds. The typography and signage that feature in this series create a scene of Agay that reminds of SoCal, Palm Springs or even Los Vegas meets Mediterranean inspiration.

Hôtel Hôtelt is Yasmin Mund’s first official solo exhibition.

Opening night will feature an artist talk with drinks and nibbles. Prints will be sold in very limited editions.