TALK: MONET's 'Impression Sunrise'

Impression, Soleil levant
by Claude Monet (which was recently exhibited at the National Gallery of Australia) is undoubtedly an iconic and pioneering painting. Aside from it's visually striking presence, the entire Impressionism movement takes its name after it. Equally, American Abstract Expressionism has claimed to be inspired by this Monet masterpiece. So what is it about this singular work which makes it such a source of ingenuity and imagination? 

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Marie has a keen interest in Art, having graduated from Sydney University with a Master of Art in 2014 and winning the Francis Stuart Prize. She is currently a Council Member of the Power Institute of Sydney University and a Board Director of Alliance Francaise Sydney. 

In addition, she has an engineering degree (Paris) and an MBA (Macquarie University) under her belt, and has spent 20 years in the energy industry, both in France and Australia.