Le Courrier Australien Collector's Edition is on SALE

Discover the French-Australian relationship through the archives of the oldest foreign newspaper in Australia

France and Australia have always shared a special relationship throughout the years.

Le Courrier Australien’s 128 year existence, as the oldest foreign newspaper in Australia, is a solid testament of this ever-growing relationship. This bilingual Collector’s Edition, produced from an impressive archive of over 16,160 pages, is a historical account of important events in Australia and France, delivered through original news articles published for the French community living in Australia.

It contains the most significant covers, articles and photos for the period 1892 - 1945, covering the Federation, the Great War, the roaring twenties, the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the role of the French - Australian community during the World War II Resistance.

This publication is part of the vision to preserve the collective memory of the French Community in Australia, from past to present, for future generations. The Author has commenced compiling articles for the Second Volume with great enthusiasm - covering the period 1946 until today.

"I commend the first instalment of Le Courrier Australien–Collector's Edition to Australian and French audiences and for those interested in the history between our two countries." - His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia


About the author: François Vantomme is a Belgian journalist who has held many important roles in sporting organisations as well as in print and digital media in Belgium, before moving to Australia. In 2016, he successfully relaunched Le Courrier Australien in digital format, and published the collector’s edition in 2019. He is the Director, Editor-in-chief and co-owner of Le Courrier Australien.

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