Maël at the park exhibition

Come at the Alliance Française de Sydney from 26 June to 23 July to have a look at Maël at the Park exhibition.

About Maël at the Park

Maël at the Park is originally a book. It tells the story of a Southern African bird (a Sociable Weaver) being carried away from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean by strong winds. One day, the Sociable Weaver arrives in Australia. In a park, the bird sees a 3 year’s old French-Australian boy (Maël) wearing an African shirt. He will start to follow Maël everywhere!
Maël is confronted by fear. Even though the bird is small and only looking for friendship, Maël is frightened. The bird feels the loss of its country, the African shirt Maël is wearing is like a lifebuoy. But the bird is confronted by rejection. The book also introduces the interesting and unique way of life of the Sociable Weavers.

About the authors

Maël at the Park was written by Quentin Lambert and illustrated by Noelia Araya.

Quentin is a French visual artist and author, who published short stories in Portugal and in France. He also participated in different art exhibitions in Africa, where he worked for more than 20 years for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a French and History Teacher.

Noelia Araya is a Chilean illustrator. She published « The little book of Random stuff » in 2014. She also works in artist books and bookbinding. For « Maël at the Park », Noelia’s colour palette is predominantly monochromatic and minimalistic, with bursts of colour that draw attention directly to the heart of the story.