La DictÉe GÉante

La Dictée Géante is an event about French language with a social dimension to respond to current and future challenges!

The main goal of this initiative is to allow access to reading and writing for all, and to share some values such as solidarity, enjoyment, community, laicism and citizenship. Since its creation, 180 giant dictations have been organised gathering more than 35 000 participants in less than 10 years. 

They have now launched a new concept with online dictations on their Facebook account for you to test your French spelling. La Dictée Géante #ChezVous is a Facebook live, you just need a paper and a pen to join whether  alone, with your friends, or with your family. 

You can join this fun activity live every monday at 6pm and find all the previous episodes on the Facebook page. 

To enjoy the dictations, visit La Dictée Géante Facebook page.