Mix Laurent Garnier

Listen to the new 7-hour mix of Laurent Garnier on Soundcloud and party at home the French way all night long!

Laurent Garnier, also known as Choice, is a French electronic music producer and DJ. Garnier began DJ-ing in Manchester during the late 1980s. By the following decade, he had a broad stylistic range, able to span deep house, Detroit techno, trance and jazz. He added production work to his schedule in the early 1990s, and recorded several albums.

As with many DJs and artists, Laurent Garnier can't play in public during the isolation period. On Sunday 15th March, he decided to stream a  7-hour mix on Soundcloud to continue to share his music regardless of the situation. 

"In this very difficult time my heart goes out to all the people around the world affected by this virus as well as everyone who works at the clubs, festivals & venues that have had to close. Usually on a Saturday night like this, right now I would be getting ready to go out to DJ somewhere. But like a lot of my fellow DJ’s I am forced to stay at home tonight and for the foreseeable future. The virus can force us all to stay at home, but a Saturday night without music is definitely not an option. As a lot of you around the world will be stuck at home, I’ve uploaded onto my SoundCloud page a 7 hour mix recorded last November @ Contact in Tokyo where I played all night long. That night was very special to me, and I hope this will bring you a bit of confort.
Yes, LUCKILY WE STILL HAVE MUSIC, so play it loud and dance all night.
Love. Laurent"

To listen to this mix, click here