MY Wow! News

My WoW! News introduces children aged 8-12 to fixers, problem-solvers and changemakers, inspiring the new generation with a world of possibility: read positive news in French or in English with your children!

Online, on podcast and on paper, WoW! is the antidote for kids, families and schools to the anxiety spread by doom-laden media and social networks.

It started with a question. Why is the news so bad? One day, Catherine realised she no longer read a paper or watched TV bulletins. A drip-feed of bad news had become a deluge. And she had chosen to look away. “Is there only bad news in the world?” she asked a journalist called Alastair. No, was their answer. The result is WoW!

Like today’s kids, My WoW! News soars beyond frontiers, sharing news and ideas with citizens of tomorrow’s world. No more junior info-nuggets but real solutions to big problems.

The mission of this website is to show kids a world that it is not the hopeless, angry place of rolling news. To show them that problems have solutions. And that they can contribute to those answers! Click here.