Radio Henri Dès

Take a listen to a beloved children's songwriter's dedicated radio station  

You may already be familiar with Swiss artist Henri Dès. Boasting an impressive 50 year-long career, 250 songs, 4.5 million albums sold, 30 schools bearing his name, 100 times appearing on the Olympia stage, 15 gold records, a melody composed for the carillon of the Geneva Cathedral and a mention in the Petit Larousse 2012 - Henri has certainly made his mark on the Francophile world and children everywhere. 

Henry’s songs speak to universal themes like children’s daily life such as attending school, going to bed and spending time at the playground. One of his songs “Les bêtises à l’école” is a sweet and cheeky testiment to this, and has impressively accumulated more than 6,000,0000 views on Youtube.

Thanks to this dedicated web radio station, you can now play his songs 24 hours a day!

To discover the magic of Henri Dès for yourself, please visit here