At home French cooking classes

Learn how to cook delicious French dishes with chef Pierre Gaudin, from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

Are you looking for a hands-on way to learn more about French cuisine? Or perhaps you're in search for a fun and social activity to share amongst friends, family or colleagues? Look no further. 

Led by experienced chef Pierre Gaudin, these at home French cooking classes can cover anything from French pastry to traditional Proven├žal dishes - the choice is yours!

Ahead of the class, Pierre will do all the shopping for ingredients, selecting only the freshest produce. While preparing and cooking, he will share his breadth of knowledge and experience in the restaurant industry, including his top tips to make your everyday cooking easier and more delicious.

Following NSW recommendations, events can be organised for up to 10 people. Pierre  wears a mask when provisioning fresh supplies for meals and employs strict hand hygiene with every task he undertakes. He has also completed the NSW COVID-19 Awareness for Food Service online training.


I am a French chef with 15 years of experience in fine-dining restaurants and hotels and I am passionate about respecting the product and reducing wastage.

Born and raised in the surrounding suburbs of Paris, I have always been a keen traveller, taking pleasure in discovering new food and meeting people. Having worked overseas, I possess a strong sense of curiosity and adaptability, and a desire to share my knowledge and skills. 

Since 2014, I have lived in Sydney where I have encountered passionate people, great native produce and a vibrant coffee community. As a diving explorer, I have always been attracted to the ocean. In my youth, I used to teach sailing in France from Brittany or Corsica.