Essentially French, A Classic French Cooking Class

During this 3 hour class, French Chef Pierre Gaudin will guide you through a series of classic French dishes and teach you how to present them with absolute sophistication as he has done for many years working in top restaurants in Paris and France.

Hiding behind this seemingly simple menu is a list of techniques that Pierre will show you and allow you to increase your cooking repertoire to utilise for many other recipes ongoing.

The Menu:

Tapenade with seasonal vegetables

French Chicken Roast – Each student will start with their own whole chicken and learn how to portion it down. Pierre will then explain how every part of the bird can be used to prepare this stunning roast with stocks and sauces.

Pomme Fondant – The classic French side to a roast, prepared with good quality stock and plenty of butter!

Carrot and Onion Glace

Individual Tarte Tatin with Crème Anglaise – This time-honoured dessert requires a lot of attention and technique for perfection, Pierre will show you how!

About Pierre:

I'm a French Chef with 15 years of experience in fine restaurants and hotels and I'm passionate about respecting  products and reducing wastage.

Born and raised in the surrounds of Paris, I have always been a keen traveller and enjoy discovering new food and meeting people. I worked overseas which has enhanced my curiosity and my adaptability - as well as my will to share my French skills.

Since 2014, I have lived in Sydney where I have met passionate people, great native produce and a vibrant coffee community.

As a diving explorer, I have always been attracted by the ocean. In my youth, for 6 years I used to teach sailing in France from Brittany or Corsica.