Four Frogs Crêperie: Take Away & Delivery

Sydney’s most popular French Crêpes Four Frogs are now available for Take Away and Delivery (and with a new concept)!

If you live in Sydney and you like French food, you have most probably already tried these delicious crêpes from Four Frogs Crêperie. They’ve been around for over 7 years, serving authentic crêpes, just like their grandmothers used to do in Brittany, France.

Crêpes are like very thin pancakes. The secret lies in the batter, which needs to be as thin and tasty as possible. To be sure they get the best quality, they have been milling their own buckwheat flour inhouse. The result is a healthy highly nutritious batter that is naturally gluten free. That’s what they use for the savoury crêpes, called galettes.

Now if you want to hear about the sweet ones, it’s another (very decadent) story. You can have them flambées with Rum or Calvados, you can order extra whipped cream, gelato and homemade salted caramel sauce, you can have double versions, in short, it’s very decadent. The most popular one is the Nutella with strawberries.

On their take-away menu, they have over 30 crêpes and galettes to choose from. On top of that, and due to the new restrictions, they had to rethink their offer and find a way to allow their loyal clients to keep indulging in some crepes and French cider at home…

A new concept: DIY Crêpes!

Now you get to become the chef and cook your own crêpes at home for the whole family! “Lots of clients had been asking us to sell our crêpes raw or release our secret recipe, and we never did it. But now, times have changed…” said Florian Guillemard, owner and chef at Four Frogs.

The Four Frogs provide you with a pile of naked crêpes (sweet and/or savoury), some sauces (homemade salted caramel or Belgian chocolate sauce, or maybe Nutella) and you can play around with your favourite ingredients at home. They take 2 minutes to make and taste (almost) as good as the ones you get at the crêperie. In addition, the galettes (savoury crêpes) are naturally gluten free, so you can have a healthy gluten-free and vegetarian meal if you wish. Or just go crazy with everything that stands in your fridge!

Bon Appétit!