Expect the unexpected is the of France’s new website, designed to showcase everything that is great - and unexpected - about the country.
The entirely new design immediately conveys all that is wonderful about France – but beyond providing information about the well-known regions and landmarks, Atout France’s completely revamped site also reveals the lesser-known sides of the country.
From Headline Events to Not To Be Missed, the site’s sections offer everything a Francophile needs to plan a trip that perfectly suits their interests. The new navigation allows users to search via areas of interest including wine, fashion, seaside, and even golf. Added inspiration comes in the form of articles that highlight everything from boutique hotels to must-see attractions in lesser-known areas of France.
A key feature of the new site is specialist French cartography, which has been integrated within the site to offer an incredibly comprehensive and accurate mapping system – especially helpful when planning a detailed trip around France. Other planning tools have also been dramatically improved, offering the ability to create holidays specifically for couples or those with children in tow, and the detailed What’s Happening Now In France calendar enables travelers to plan their trip around any of the many festivals, exhibitions, or nationally significant events taking place in the next 12 months.
The thousands of articles, interviews, and informational pages have been adapted specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets, and are housed on an external web platform. This not only makes for faster and seamless browsing and navigation by end users, including for those on mobile, but means that everyone planning their holiday via the site can also be assured that the site’s use of Qwant means their privacy is protected.
Even if you’re not sure what type of trip you’re after, once you spend time on the new website, you’ll be saying OUI! to a French holiday.