Loire Valley virtual Wine Masterclass

Take part in a virtual Loire Valley wine masterclass from the comfort of your own home, guided through a fun and enlightening tasting by Brigid Kennedy of French Wine School.

The Loire is renowned for its Chateaux, gardens and the Loire river. Its wines reflect this beautiful region in their elegance, structure and finesse.

What you will learn:

  • Why the Loire Valley is so diverse and what the differing climates and soils mean for the range of wine.
  • How the appellation system of France works in the Loire Valley (knowing this helps interpret wine labels and quality).
  • How wine styles differ between the sub-regions.
  • Guided tasting of benchmark wines from this famous region. 


How does a virtual tasting work?

It’s relaxed! Firstly, you will discover the back story of wine in the Loire, differences in each sub region, then focus on tasting wines. Lastly there will be an open Q&A. You can ask questions,via the chat function, at any time. Once registered, you will receive a password and link to join the tasting.  

Choices with the wine for tasting:

Buy the optional wine pack noted on website and will be sent to you directly.


Taste your own favourite local varieties and do your own comparison.