Scalp care is the new self-care!

Klorane’s new aquatic mint range is everything you need to cleanse & detoxify your scalp.

Recognised for its work on environmental and ecological issues, the prestigious Tsinghua University in China discovered that aquatic mint has the ability to clean up contaminated fresh water. Building on this discovery, a laboratory in France supported by Klorane Botanical Foundation begun to conduct experiments on the decontaminating properties of this ingredient.

The results were incredible! Within just a few months, samples showed complete decontamination of downstream waters.

Inspired by the effectiveness of the decontaminating powers of aquatic mint, Klorane botanists studied its effects on the scalp, since we know pollution affects our body and hair.

In the short term, impurities and pollution create the impression of having lifeless hair. In the long term, the effects of pollution – combined with other oxidative stresses often present in our urban lives – result in a damaged scalp that is no longer able to grow beautiful, healthy hair.

The results achieved from using aquatic mint on the scalp were just as incredible as the results found at Saint-Laurent-le-Minier: detoxified scalp, protected and refreshed hair, full of bounce. That’s why Klorane decided to cultivate aquatic mint on their land in southwest France and developed the Scalp Detox aquatic mint range.