The life and work of Vincent Van Gogh

Présenté en français

Marie Chrétien returns with her fascinating presentation (this time delivered in French). Join us to explore the pioneering work and tumultuous personal life of this legendary painter, and the inspiration behind the current multi-sensory blockbuster exhibition Van Gogh Alive.

Presented by Marie Chrétien, this French talk retraces the life of one of one the most influential Post-Impressionists painter, from Fauvism to German Expressionism, with a particular focus on his time in Arles (South of France) where he produced many of his most celebrated paintings.

This is also there where Van Gogh’s life took a dramatic turn. Between Sunflowers, a painting that exudes joy with warm and luminous yellows and Starry Nights, which betrays intense emotions and internal agitation, not even a year separates the two paintings, both executed in Arles.

Throughout this tumultuous period, Van Gogh’s bold colours and expressive brush strokes never cease to astonish in their beauty, whilst offering a unique insight into his declining emotional and psychological state.



Marie has a keen interest in Art, having graduated from Sydney University with a Master of Art in 2014 and winning the Francis Stuart Prize. She is currently a Council Member of the Power Institute of Sydney University and the Vice-President of the Alliance Francaise de Sydney.

In addition, she has an engineering degree (Paris) and an MBA (Macquarie University) under her belt, and has spent 20 years in the energy industry, both in France and Australia.