The Story of LapErouse Tour: French connections at La PErouse

Join the Friends of Laperouse Museum as they explore the voyage of Lapérouse, his story, achievements - and his mysterious disappearance.

Have you ever wondered where the suburb of La Perouse got its European name from?

Wonder no longer - join the Friends of Laperouse Museum as they lead a tour through the Museum and share the history of the famed French explorer Lapérouse and his ill-fated French expedition that landed here in 1788.

François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse and his two ships reached Kamay Botany Bay a mere six days after the First Fleet in January 1788, and rested at on the north side of the Bay for six weeks after a long global voyage. Unlike the British however, the French were not here to colonise Aboriginal land; but were mainly an expedition of the Enlightenment, to document, catalogue and map for France. When Lapérouse sailed out of Kamay Botany Bay in March of that year, however, he disappeared, never to be seen again.

Discover his amazing story at the La Perouse Museum in the passionate and knowledgeable company of the Friends of Laperouse Museum, and enjoy some light refreshments after the tour.