Southern Colours by Estefania Asensio

Photo: Atacama, Desert (Chile) – July 2015

I discovered what it was like to travel when I moved to Paris at the age of 18 to study literature. Like an "ant" in the anthill at first I did not find my place in the middle of all the chaos of that fascinating city until, one day, the strangeness gave way to a life of curiosity and energy without limits, to a life of unnameable enthusiasms. I remember the moment of that awakening as if it were yesterday and something that has not stopped accompanying me since then: that thirst for knowledge and that overwhelming sensation that there is so much to see and discover and that I could not limit myself to know only one place in the world.

From that moment, my life changed forever.

10 years and 42 countries later, I want to show you the colours of two of my favourite places in the world: South America and Southeast Asia. The south of the world represents for me joy, music, closeness and everything that makes me feel alive and aware of all the beauty of this world... like an explosion of colours.