Talk & book signing: à 18 ans demandons l'impossible ! 

On Tuesday 22 May, join the author to discuss her book and celebrate the 50th anniversary of May '68.

In this fictional diary written between September 1967 and July 1968, 18-year-old Madeleine describes her life as a student at The Sorbonne, her political protests and her hopes for the future.
She provides powerful insights into the events of May 1968, when an unprecedented wind of freedom blew over France. Her entries explore topics such as contraception, sexuality, drug use and police violence in the late sixties in France.

The diary is followed by historical content that sheds further light on this important chapter in French history. Authentic reproductions of posters and slogans from the era are interspersed throughout.

À 18 ans demandons l'impossible: mon journal de MAI 68 (At 18 We Demand the Impossible: My Diary of May '68) is a compelling chronicle for young adults and those who are interested in the life-changing events of May 1968.

About the author:

Adeline Regnault, 31, is French and lives in Sydney. A 18 ans demandons l'impossible is her first book. She has worked as an editor for 13e Note Editions in Paris and is currently a bookseller at Abbey's Language Book Centre.