EXHIBITION: Voyage by Lisa Brunetti

Photography has been present in my life since childhood I have been fascinated by the ability to freeze a moment, because no matter what happens after, it is a source of joy, excitement, fear, surprise, love, pain or anger, that will be frozen forever in a photo. It allows us in the future to return to this emotion, to briefly go back to a moment of our past and experience its shapes, colors and details.  

My very first photo I took in secret, after bravely stealing the camera from my mother who forbid me to use it out of fear that I would  damage it. I first meticulously aligned all my stuffed toys on the sofa in the living room in front of me, they were going to be forever by my side. I was about five years old at the time, and I still remember that adrenaline pumping through me when I finally slid my eye behind the lens, holding that heavy device in my little hands, feeling the coldness of the case against my cheek while I applied myself to frame what would be my first shot.

For me, photographs are a library of memories, as well as a source of sharing, exchange, and a take on those around us. When I capture a moment, I do it as much for me as for those who will appreciate the final result, whether they are in front of my lens or just spectators. I like to share what I see through my photos, I like to freeze moments of happiness, capture emotions, to interfere in the life of strangers with a few snaps and delight them by unveiling the fruit of my work.

Photographs can also tell a story, to witness the habits and customs of other cultures, and allow people who do not have the chance to travel to discover other parts of the world. It also allows to leave a door open to the imagination, one wonders about the life of this foreign person who stares down the lens: Who is she? Where is she from ? What is her story ? Or we plunge ourselves into contemplating a distant and mesmerizing landscape, and while staring at the image, we begin to daydream and to think... and without realizing it, we escape from reality.

This is the goal that I set myself by preparing for you this exhibition on the theme of travel, with landscapes of France, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. Bon voyage!