Young faces of the Reunion Island by Alison Maugueret

"The Reunion Island is a small French department located in the Indian Ocean. It is known for its active volcano, its beautiful landscapes but also for the diversity of the locals. During the 7 years I spent living there, I encountered many people who had different ethnicities, religious beliefs, origins and cultures and all live together peacefully. In this project, I wanted to show the omnipresence of diversity, and what better way to show that than with my own group of friends?
This collection of portraits features some of the amazing people I met during my time on the Reunion Island."

About Alison

"My name is Alison Maugueret. I am an 18-year-old photographer from Mauritius. My interest for photography started when I was really young while I was imitating my mother taking pictures, but it’s when  I turned  15-year-old that my passion for it  really emerged. With the rise of social media platforms, I wanted to post more than “selfies” on my profiles, so I started taking portraits of my friends and pictures of the beautiful landscapes of Mauritius and the Reunion Island (where I was living at the time). The more time passed, the more I loved taking portraits. I started reaching out to more people to have a variety of faces in my portraits collection. Now that I have moved to Australia, I look forward to continuing my journey as a photographer."