Monday: Book Club

ADULTS Digital Book
AIRES, Marcus Malte - Edited by Editions Zulma:
They are on the highway, lost in their thoughts. Life is going on, punctuated by the news, the special events, the slogans, all these stories being told - modern life, often cruel, sometimes funny, with its fake winners and its real losers. Frédéric, a whistleblower who has become a truck driver; Catherine, who would like to control her life like a high-flying CEO; the writer, without any readers, moving away; or Sylvain, in debt and on his way to Disneyland with his son. Their destinies will inevitably soon become intertwined...

TEENS Digital Comic
LES GARDIENS DE LA PIERRE (TOME 1), Greg Newman, Dom - Edited by Jungle:
Doctor Lamuerté, an angry and greedy genius, is going to attempt the impossible : to steal the archangel on top of the Mont St Michel, a 5 meters statue of 520kg. Thanks to his ultraviolet ore he has a terrible advantage and could succeed. But it is without counting on Emma, Léa and Enzo who are there during a discovery class. The three friends, urban exploration fans, won't let him do that, even if the sneaky Katy will do everything to stop them...

KIDS Digital Book
LAPINGOUIN: LES CHOCOZOEUFS DE PÂQUES, Carole-Anne Boisseau, Masami Mizusama, Galaxie Vujanic - Edited by HC Editions:
On Easter Day, Lapingouin and his class visit Chocochef's chocolate factory. They will finally discover how Easter eggs are made, but will Chocochef reveal all his secrets?

ADULTS Digital Book:
LE DISCOURS, Fabrice Caro - Edited by Editions Gallimard:
During a family dinner Adrien, a 40-something-year-old who has just been dumped, learns that he is inspected to speak at his sister's wedding. Despite the gratin dauphinois and the speech, he can only think of one thing: the hope that Sonia comes back. A great romantic comedy with unique sense of humour!

TEENS Digital Comic:
ENOLA HOLMES - LA DOUBLE DISPARITION (TOME 1), Serena Blasco - Edited by Jungle:
When Enola Holmes, the little sister of famous detective Sherlock Holmes, discovers that her mother has disappeared on her birthday (leaving behind only a book about flowers and a notebook of secret messages) Enola begins the race against time to find her. But nothing can prepare her for what awaits... from dark and shady London districts and a kidnapping of a young marquis, will Enola succeed to find her mother?

KIDS Digital Book:
SILA, LE RACCOMODEUR DE BANQUISE, Justine Vergès, Gaëtan Serra - Edited by Dadoclem:
"Hello, I'm Sila. I am a polar bear, and my job is to fix the ice. Unfortunately, my friends and I are the only ones worrying about the glacier's problems linked to climate change...".

ADULTS Digital Book:
ET JE DANSE, AUSSI, Anne-Laure Bondoux, Jean-Claude Mourlevat - Edited by UNIVERS POCHE:
Pierre-Marie is an author struggling for inspiration and Adeline is a passionate reader who has a lot to tell him; their online meeting is going to change their lives forever. Living alone in Drôme since his spouse left with no explanation, Pierre-Marie is posted a manuscript written by one of his readers, Adeline. He replies to her without opening it. A correspondence starts and lasts for eight months. Throughout their exchange an intimate link is created. They begin to share everything about themselves; they imagine a life because theirs both stopped years ago. But Pierre-Marie and Adeline have a story in common that Pierre-Marie does not know about yet; the mystery stays within the envelop sent by Adeline. The more letters exchanged, the more they unlock the truth hidden in the pages... and characters forgotten for a long time come back to life once more.

TEENS Digital Comic:
UN ÉTÉ D'ENFER! , Vera Brosgol - Edited by Rue de Sèvres:
Coming from Russia, Vera wants to settle into her new life in NYC but she quickly notices it is not easy. Her friends live in luxurious houses and their parents can afford a lot of things, like sending them to the best summer camps of the country. Vera and her mother do not have the same financial means and cannot afford these privileges. But this year, she leaves for a Russian summer camp; however, nothing will go as Vera plans.

KIDS Digital Book:
LA COLÈRE D'ALBERT, Françoise Laurent, Pascal Vilcollet - Edited by Les Éditions du Ricochet:
Bibi? Bébert? No! We do prefer Albert! So sweet, so cute and so nice, Albert loves Nénuphar, his little sister. She is so sweet, so cute and so nice! When she cries, he comforts her. When she is scared, Albert protects her. "Can you give me a kiss Bibi?" But being called 'Bibi the little one' by his friends from school makes Albert furious. And here he becomes Furious Bébert who is feared by everyone.

ADULTS Digital Book:
UNE BÊTE AU PARADIS, Cécile Coulon - Edited by L'Iconoclaste:
Émilienne lives in "Paradise". An isolated farm, at the end of a winding road. It's here that she is raising her two grandchildren, Blanche and Gabriel, with her courage and land as her only resources. Seasons pass and the children grow up. Adolescence comes, and with it Blanche's first love, the one that washes away everything in its path. His name is Alexandre. Their couple becomes strong. But the passion Blanche has for "Paradise" is stronger than anything. Whereas Alexandre - full of ambition - wants to leave for the city to succeed. So their world is tearing apart, and revenge finally comes. "Une bête au Paradis" is the novel of a line of women haunted by their lands.

TEENS Digital Comic:
LE MONDE DE MILO - TOME 1, Richard Marazano, Christophe Ferreira - Edited by Dargaud:
Milo does not have many occasions to see his father, barely twice a month. He spends all his time at work and leaves his son under the care of his three old aunts. Near the lake where he lives, Milo goes for his favorite activity: crayfish fishing. One day, looks in his net to find a strange egg which quickly turns into a golden fish. As soon as Milo makes his discovery, a strange person starts lurking near his house and the lake. Who are they? What are they looking for?

KIDS Digital Book:
DOCTEUR GUDULE, Fanny Joly, Roser Capdevila - Edited by Fanny Joly Numérik:
My name is Gudule and I have a little brother, Gaston. He is kinda cute. But not always. It depends on the day. Anyway, he obeys me much less than my parents. Sometimes, he doesn't even want to to play the games I choose. The other day, I was wearing my painting suit, kitchen gloves and headphones in the living room..."Are you sick?" asked Gaston,"No! You are sick! I am Doctor Gudule!"

ADULTS Digital Book:
CIVILIZATIONS, Laurent Binet - Edited by Grasset:
Around 1000 AD, Erik The Red's daughter heads south. In 1492, Columbus does not discover America. In 1531, The Incas invade Europe. These events could not occur because the Indians were missing 3 things. But had they been given access to horses, iron, and antibodies the world's history would have been vastly different. Civilization is a novel about this hypothesis: Atahualpa arrives in Charles V's Europe to find Spanish Inquisition, the Lutheran reformation, emerging capitalism, monarchies exhausted by endless wars under the constant Turkish pressure, a sea infested by pirates and a continent ripped apart by religious quarrels. But, most of all, he finds hungry and broken populations, close to an uprising. Among these are Jews from Toledo, Moors from Grenada and German farmers: potential allies. From Cuzco to Aix-la-Chapelle, and until the battle of Lepanto, here is story of a reversed globalization, which could easily have been real.

TEENS Digital Book:
LA PASSE-MIROIR (LIVRE 1) - LES FIANCÉS DE L'HIVER, Christelle Dabos - Edited by Dargaud:
Under her scarf and her glasses, Ophélie hides her superpowers: she can read an objects's past and travel through mirrors. She lives peacefully on the Arch of Anima where she is soon to get engaged to Thorn, from the powerful Dragons clan. The young lady must leave her family and follow him to the Citacielle, the floating capital of the pole. Why has she been chosen ? Without knowing it, Ophélie finds herself in the centre of a fatal plot.

KIDS Digital Book:
MIMI CRACRA PARFUME NOUNOURS, Agnès Rosenstiehl - Edited by Chemins de traverse:
Mimi Cracra was born in 1975, created by Agnes Rosenstiehl for the magazine "Pomme d'Api": a little girl with pink cheeks and brown hair who shares her daily (often humorous) adventures with us.

ADULTS Digital Comic:
BEATRICE, Joris Mertens - Edited by Rue de Sèvres:
Béatrice takes the train everyday to go to work. Among the crowd at the railway station, she notices a red handbag. Day after day, on any platform of the station, it seems that this bag is always waiting for her. Succumbing to her overflowing curiosity, Béatrice brings the object home and opens the door to a new world.

TEENS Digital Book:
While her friends are on holiday, Douce is doing an internship in the feminine magazine of her mother's friend. Alas! The journal is in a bad way and the atmosphere is awful. All by herself, Douce is totally lost and demoralised. She has to write psychological tests for the website but the other journalists do not like it and Douce becomes even more isolated. So, when she meets Amira - her favorite celebrity who is struggling with depression - she takes her chance. If she obtains an exclusive interview, maybe she would finally be recognised? But celebrities are special people, and Douce is going to be surprised...

KIDS Digital Book:
KID-DO, Layla Benabid - Edited by Rêves bleus - Editions d'Orbestier :
With Kid-do, follow the adventures of a young boy at the beach!