Monday: Book Club

ADULTS Digital Book
AIRES, Marcus Malte - Edited by Editions Zulma:
They are on the highway, lost in their thoughts. Life is going on, punctuated by the news, the special events, the slogans, all these stories being told - modern life, often cruel, sometimes funny, with its fake winners and its real losers. Frédéric, a whistleblower who has become a truck driver; Catherine, who would like to control her life like a high-flying CEO; the writer, without any readers, moving away; or Sylvain, in debt and on his way to Disneyland with his son. Their destinies will inevitably soon become intertwined...

TEENS Digital Comic
LES GARDIENS DE LA PIERRE (TOME 1), Greg Newman, Dom - Edited by Jungle:
Doctor Lamuerté, an angry and greedy genius, is going to attempt the impossible : to steal the archangel on top of the Mont St Michel, a 5 meters statue of 520kg. Thanks to his ultraviolet ore he has a terrible advantage and could succeed. But it is without counting on Emma, Léa and Enzo who are there during a discovery class. The three friends, urban exploration fans, won't let him do that, even if the sneaky Katy will do everything to stop them...

KIDS Digital Book
LAPINGOUIN: LES CHOCOZOEUFS DE PÂQUES, Carole-Anne Boisseau, Masami Mizusama, Galaxie Vujanic - Edited by HC Editions:
On Easter Day, Lapingouin and his class visit Chocochef's chocolate factory. They will finally discover how Easter eggs are made, but will Chocochef reveal all his secrets?

ADULTS Digital Book:
LE DISCOURS, Fabrice Caro - Edited by Editions Gallimard:
During a family dinner Adrien, a 40-something-year-old who has just been dumped, learns that he is inspected to speak at his sister's wedding. Despite the gratin dauphinois and the speech, he can only think of one thing: the hope that Sonia comes back. A great romantic comedy with unique sense of humour!

TEENS Digital Comic:
ENOLA HOLMES - LA DOUBLE DISPARITION (TOME 1), Serena Blasco - Edited by Jungle:
When Enola Holmes, the little sister of famous detective Sherlock Holmes, discovers that her mother has disappeared on her birthday (leaving behind only a book about flowers and a notebook of secret messages) Enola begins the race against time to find her. But nothing can prepare her for what awaits... from dark and shady London districts and a kidnapping of a young marquis, will Enola succeed to find her mother?

KIDS Digital Book:
SILA, LE RACCOMODEUR DE BANQUISE, Justine Vergès, Gaëtan Serra - Edited by Dadoclem:
"Hello, I'm Sila. I am a polar bear, and my job is to fix the ice. Unfortunately, my friends and I are the only ones worrying about the glacier's problems linked to climate change...".

ADULTS Digital Book:
ET JE DANSE, AUSSI, Anne-Laure Bondoux, Jean-Claude Mourlevat - Edited by UNIVERS POCHE:
Pierre-Marie is an author struggling for inspiration and Adeline is a passionate reader who has a lot to tell him; their online meeting is going to change their lives forever. Living alone in Drôme since his spouse left with no explanation, Pierre-Marie is posted a manuscript written by one of his readers, Adeline. He replies to her without opening it. A correspondence starts and lasts for eight months. Throughout their exchange an intimate link is created. They begin to share everything about themselves; they imagine a life because theirs both stopped years ago. But Pierre-Marie and Adeline have a story in common that Pierre-Marie does not know about yet; the mystery stays within the envelop sent by Adeline. The more letters exchanged, the more they unlock the truth hidden in the pages... and characters forgotten for a long time come back to life once more.

TEENS Digital Comic:
UN ÉTÉ D'ENFER! , Vera Brosgol - Edited by Rue de Sèvres:
Coming from Russia, Vera wants to settle into her new life in NYC but she quickly notices it is not easy. Her friends live in luxurious houses and their parents can afford a lot of things, like sending them to the best summer camps of the country. Vera and her mother do not have the same financial means and cannot afford these privileges. But this year, she leaves for a Russian summer camp; however, nothing will go as Vera plans.

KIDS Digital Book:
LA COLÈRE D'ALBERT, Françoise Laurent, Pascal Vilcollet - Edited by Les Éditions du Ricochet:
Bibi? Bébert? No! We do prefer Albert! So sweet, so cute and so nice, Albert loves Nénuphar, his little sister. She is so sweet, so cute and so nice! When she cries, he comforts her. When she is scared, Albert protects her. "Can you give me a kiss Bibi?" But being called 'Bibi the little one' by his friends from school makes Albert furious. And here he becomes Furious Bébert who is feared by everyone.

ADULTS Digital Book:
UNE BÊTE AU PARADIS, Cécile Coulon - Edited by L'Iconoclaste:
Émilienne lives in "Paradise". An isolated farm, at the end of a winding road. It's here that she is raising her two grandchildren, Blanche and Gabriel, with her courage and land as her only resources. Seasons pass and the children grow up. Adolescence comes, and with it Blanche's first love, the one that washes away everything in its path. His name is Alexandre. Their couple becomes strong. But the passion Blanche has for "Paradise" is stronger than anything. Whereas Alexandre - full of ambition - wants to leave for the city to succeed. So their world is tearing apart, and revenge finally comes. "Une bête au Paradis" is the novel of a line of women haunted by their lands.

TEENS Digital Comic:
LE MONDE DE MILO - TOME 1, Richard Marazano, Christophe Ferreira - Edited by Dargaud:
Milo does not have many occasions to see his father, barely twice a month. He spends all his time at work and leaves his son under the care of his three old aunts. Near the lake where he lives, Milo goes for his favorite activity: crayfish fishing. One day, looks in his net to find a strange egg which quickly turns into a golden fish. As soon as Milo makes his discovery, a strange person starts lurking near his house and the lake. Who are they? What are they looking for?

KIDS Digital Book:
DOCTEUR GUDULE, Fanny Joly, Roser Capdevila - Edited by Fanny Joly Numérik:
My name is Gudule and I have a little brother, Gaston. He is kinda cute. But not always. It depends on the day. Anyway, he obeys me much less than my parents. Sometimes, he doesn't even want to to play the games I choose. The other day, I was wearing my painting suit, kitchen gloves and headphones in the living room..."Are you sick?" asked Gaston,"No! You are sick! I am Doctor Gudule!"

ADULTS Digital Book:
CIVILIZATIONS, Laurent Binet - Edited by Grasset:
Around 1000 AD, Erik The Red's daughter heads south. In 1492, Columbus does not discover America. In 1531, The Incas invade Europe. These events could not occur because the Indians were missing 3 things. But had they been given access to horses, iron, and antibodies the world's history would have been vastly different. Civilization is a novel about this hypothesis: Atahualpa arrives in Charles V's Europe to find Spanish Inquisition, the Lutheran reformation, emerging capitalism, monarchies exhausted by endless wars under the constant Turkish pressure, a sea infested by pirates and a continent ripped apart by religious quarrels. But, most of all, he finds hungry and broken populations, close to an uprising. Among these are Jews from Toledo, Moors from Grenada and German farmers: potential allies. From Cuzco to Aix-la-Chapelle, and until the battle of Lepanto, here is story of a reversed globalization, which could easily have been real.

TEENS Digital Book:
LA PASSE-MIROIR (LIVRE 1) - LES FIANCÉS DE L'HIVER, Christelle Dabos - Edited by Dargaud:
Under her scarf and her glasses, Ophélie hides her superpowers: she can read an objects's past and travel through mirrors. She lives peacefully on the Arch of Anima where she is soon to get engaged to Thorn, from the powerful Dragons clan. The young lady must leave her family and follow him to the Citacielle, the floating capital of the pole. Why has she been chosen ? Without knowing it, Ophélie finds herself in the centre of a fatal plot.

KIDS Digital Book:
MIMI CRACRA PARFUME NOUNOURS, Agnès Rosenstiehl - Edited by Chemins de traverse:
Mimi Cracra was born in 1975, created by Agnes Rosenstiehl for the magazine "Pomme d'Api": a little girl with pink cheeks and brown hair who shares her daily (often humorous) adventures with us.

ADULTS Digital Comic:
BEATRICE, Joris Mertens - Edited by Rue de Sèvres:
Béatrice takes the train everyday to go to work. Among the crowd at the railway station, she notices a red handbag. Day after day, on any platform of the station, it seems that this bag is always waiting for her. Succumbing to her overflowing curiosity, Béatrice brings the object home and opens the door to a new world.

TEENS Digital Book:
While her friends are on holiday, Douce is doing an internship in the feminine magazine of her mother's friend. Alas! The journal is in a bad way and the atmosphere is awful. All by herself, Douce is totally lost and demoralised. She has to write psychological tests for the website but the other journalists do not like it and Douce becomes even more isolated. So, when she meets Amira - her favorite celebrity who is struggling with depression - she takes her chance. If she obtains an exclusive interview, maybe she would finally be recognised? But celebrities are special people, and Douce is going to be surprised...

KIDS Digital Book:
KID-DO, Layla Benabid - Edited by Rêves bleus - Editions d'Orbestier:
With Kid-do, follow the adventures of a young boy at the beach!

ADULTS Digital Book:
NYMPHÉAS NOIRS, Michel Bussi - Edited by Place des Editeurs:
This is the story of thirteen days that begin with one murder and end with another. Jérôme Morval, a man whose passion for art was matched only by his passion for women, has been found dead in the stream that runs through the gardens at Giverny, the village where Monet created his famous paintings. In Jerome's pocket is a postcard of Monet's Water Lilies with the words, "Eleven years old. Happy Birthday." Entangled in the mystery are three women: a young painting prodigy, the seductive village schoolteacher and an old widow who watches over the village from a mill by the stream. All three of them share a secret. But what do they know about the discovery of Jérôme Morval's corpse? And what is the connection to the mysterious Black Water Lilies, a rumoured masterpiece by Monet that has never been found...

TEENS Digital Book:
DEMANDEZ-LEUR LA LUNE, Isabelle Pandazopoulos - Edited by Gallimard Jeunesse:
Lilou, Sam, Bastien and Farouk. For those four, going to high school is not possible. In a part of France where the Internet does not work, what future can they dream about? Then they meet Agathe Fortin, a young French teacher who wants to prepare them for an eloquence contest; this is the first time someone believes in them.

KIDS Digital Book:
REGARDE-MOI, Gabrielle Mattei - Edited by Utopique:
When Rosie’s dad saw his daughter in the maternity ward he was so proud. After the big brother, he had the little princess he was waiting for. "What if we name her Rosie?" he asked Mum. Yes, but there's a surprise: Rosie has grown up, and she does not like pink and dolls!

ADULTS Digital Book:
PAR LES ROUTES, Sylvain Prudhomme - Edited by Editions Gallimard:
Award Femina 2019. “I found out that the hitchhiker was living in a little town in the south of France, after years of not thinking about him. He was in love and a father. I remembered why I asked him to leave me all those years ago. But I knocked on this door, and that was when I met Mary.” In this book, Sylvain Prudhomme illustrates the strength of friendship, desire and dizziness and considers a multitude of possible existences.

TEENS Digital Book:
L'AUBE SERA GRANDIOSE, Anne-Laure Bondoux - Edited by Gallimard Jeunesse:
Award Vendredi pour la Jeunesse 2017. Tonight, Nine should have been at her high school party. But Titania, her mother, decides otherwise. She takes Nine to an unknown destination, far away and in a lonely cabin near a lake. It’s time to tell her daughter a hidden past. This will be a night of revelations, flashbacks, memories (often funny, sometimes tragic), stories of turbulent times and flamboyant characters… When the sun rises again over the lake, nothing will be the same.

KIDS Digital Book:
TU VEUX MA PHOTO?! , Christine Beigel - Edited by Points de suspension:
This morning, Loulou the wolf does not want to go to school. His hair is a mess and this is not the day for it. On the way to school, all of his friends notice it, but he also has something to say about their style. Throughout the encounters, tension rises and a huge fight starts. The teacher will have to struggle to calm them down for the class photo.

ADULTS Digital Book:
LA LOI DU RÊVEUR, Daniel Pennac - Edited by Editions Gallimard:
“The bulb of the projector exploded during a Fellini movie. Minne and I were watching “Amarcord” in our bed – oh no! I put a chair on the table to try to fix the burnt bulb. There was a dull explosion and the house's lights went out; I fell off my installation and did not get up. My wife thought I was dead as I lay beside our bed reliving my life. People say it happens often. But it was not exactly my life that I was reliving...” Daniel Penn.

TEENS Digital Book:
LE REGARDS DES PRINCES À MINUIT, Erik L'Homme - Edited by Gallimard Jeunesse:
Is it still possible nowadays to be a real knight? A group of young people go on an adventure to fulfill seven initiation rites: a nighttime journey through the forest of Broceliande, rock-climbing on Notre Dame, an intense unarmed fight, the discovery of a forgotten dance with a sensual partner… Different ways to live, to take a position in society, to say NO. Human challenges and stowaway missions, intense experiences told by one of the most famous writers for youths.

KIDS Digital Book:
LA DERNIÈRE MODE, Catibou - Edited by Chemins de traverse:
Martin the bookseller, to earn even more money, has a super idea: go on the road to sell something to the other animals... something that will be the latest fashion. But what is it?

ADULTS Digital Book:
COULEURS DE L'INCENDIE, Pierre Lemaitre - Edited by Albin Michel:
February 1927, Paris. After Marcel Péricpurt’s funeral, his daughter, Madeleine, has to take the control of a financial empire, yet destiny has decided otherwise. Her son, Paul, is going to surprisingly drive Madeleine down a much more complicated path. Facing human adversity, corruption and the greed of her family, Madeleine will need to be intelligent and cunning to survive and rebuild her life. This is even more difficult because France is helplessly kindling a fire that is going to destroy the continent.

TEENS Digital Book:
14-14, Paul Beorn - Edited by Castelmore:
One century separates them… Hadrien and Adrienare are two boys of thirteen years old living a few kilometres apart in Picardie. They have problems at school, at home and with girls, like almost every other boy of their age. There is only one thing separating them: Hadrien lives in 1914 and Adrien in 2014. Their destinies will mysteriously intertwine, and will allow them to send letters to each other while they both think they are writing to a cousin! When they understand what is going on, Adrien realizes he must warn Hadrien that the War is coming and that he must protect himself.

KIDS Digital Book:
MON PONEY DE PARIS, Béatrice Fontanel - Edited by ABC Melody:
At the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris the ponies are bored. It is snowing and the park is almost deserted. Finally, a curious little girl arrives and takes a pony to discover Paris and its treasures.

ADULTS Digital Book
ARIANE, Myriam Leroy - Edited by Editions Don Quichotte:
"When I turned 12, my parents sent me to a rich school. I stayed there for two years. This is where I met Ariane. I have nothing left from her; only three creased letters, no images. No result appears when you search her name on Google. Ariane has lived for 20 years yet appears nowhere. I was wishing for her death and welcomed it warmly. She did not upset or torture me, and she does not come back to haunt me. It is finished. That’s all.” They are schoolgirls and in love. One is from a modest background with a problematic life. The other one is beautiful and has a carefree life between her pool and her tennis court; this is Ariane, an incandescent young girl who has a furious and exclusive relationship with the narrator, fed by the brutality they inflict to others. But their story is toxic and becomes a slow but certain poison. This novel tells of a wild lifelong friendship, built upon secret codes.

TEENS Digital Book
PLUS JAMAIS SANS ELLE, Mikaël Ollivier - Edited by Editions du Seuil Jeunesse:
On his 18th birthday Alan has only one wish: to meet a person he has never seen, about whom he knows nothing, not even her name: his mother. A wish that will change his life. Because to meet Ellen, a rebellious and lonely woman who does not want to play a motherly role, he will have to become someone else. He has never travelled before and will now see Europe from London to Sofia, past Prague and the far north. He has never disobeyed anyone but will now learn how to break the rules… His father had always protected him but he is now learning to fear nothing… except the risk of losing the one he has always been looking for.

KIDS Digital Book
LA VIEILLE DAME QUI RAPETISSAIT, Raphaël Baud - Edited by Chocolat Jeunesse:
One morning, an old lady realizes that she is slowly shrinking. After a few examinations, her doctor tells her that at this speed, she will soon disappear. Worried about the idea that her cat will be left alone, the woman decides to bring it to her sister’s seaside home. This is the beginning of a long journey with her grey cat, who seems to get bigger and bigger every day… A tender story that softly highlights the magic of this surprising adventure: the unattended duet and their slow search on a trip that seems like an odyssey with humour, poetry and optimism.

ADULTS Digital Book
MURÈNE, Valentine Goby - Edited by Actes Sud Littérature:
Winter 1956, François was 22 years old when he lost his arms in an accident. Far away from the fear, this powerful book tells the story of the boy, his strength and his difficulties to regain not his life, but another one. One day, while visiting an aquarium, an eel sets him upon a path of adventure into the world of para-sports.

TEENS Digital Book
LES SAISONS DE PETER PAN, Christophe Mauro - Edited by Gallimard Jeunesse:
Everybody thinks they know Peter Pan’s adventures. But do you know how his watch got stuck in a crocodile's stomach? Who won the insult challenge with Tiger Lily? Or how did Peter Pan escape Captain Hook’s canons? Reinvented by Christophe Mauri, the creator of the awesome Mathieu Hidalf, this imaginary island will bring a lot more surprises!

KIDS Digital Book
CHUT, LAPINGOUIN EST AMOUREUX..., Carole-Anne Boisseau, Galaxie Vujanic - Edited by HC Editions:
A new pupil arrives in the class of Lapingouin. Chabeille is not a girl like the others and Lapingouin does not know how to behave with her. Do not repeat it, but Lapingouin is in love...

ADULTS Digital Comic
AU REVOIR LÀ-HAUT, Pierre Lemaitre - Edited by Rue de Sèvres:
1919. At the end of the war, the French society struggles to make room for former “poilus” soldiers who became cumbersome, and less-than-glorious processes are going ahead. Albert Maillard, a modest accountant from a good family who saved Édouard Péricourt’s life just before the end of the war, tries to rebuild a life in Paris. Édouard, disfigured, refuses to contact his family and seeing himself as a burden to the nation, projects himself into a new life elsewhere.

TEENS Digital Book
FÉLINES, Stéphanie Servant - Edited by Rouergue Jeunesse:
Nobody exactly knows how, when or where it started. Louise no more than the others. What is certain, is that when the firsts cases appeared, nobody was ready and the panic began. Teenage girls were changing suddenly. Girls whose skin was covered with… whose senses did not exist anymore… and their capacities…were incredible. It did not please everyone. Oh no! This is when they had to revolt, to be proud Felines and never give up.

KIDS Digital Story
NE M'EMBRASSEZ PAS (JE SUIS TRÈS BIEN COMME ÇA !), Tullio Corda - Edited by Lirabelle:
In the pond, all the frogs are partying. All the frogs were getting ready for the big event. All… except one. In a humoristic way, Tullio Corda invites us to revisit some clichés, which will bring a smile to both the young and the old.

ADULTS Digital Book
SAUF, Hervé Commère - Edited by 12-21:
For how long are we prisoners of our childhood? At the age of 6, during the summer of 1976, Mat lost his parents in a fire at their manor in Brittany. Nothing survived the flames, not even an object. Mat now runs a sales depot. Every time he comes back from his holidays he checks the new acquisitions. This time, his employees had received a photo album; each page containing photos of Mat as a child. This album is not supposed to exist anymore. It cannot. Mat has always loved stories but, at 40 years old, it seems like he missed his own story. From Montreuil to Le Finistère, he searches for the truth hidden within that family album.

TEENS Digital Comic
DANSE AVEC MOI - TOME 1: LA RÉVÉLATION, Isabelle Bottier - Edited by Jungle:
Between her parents' accomplished lives and a little sister who is a talented chef, Céleste struggles to find her place. What if the Hip Hop lessons she takes could be a way to affirm herself? The teenager hears that there is a regional dance contest, so she decides to create a group and participate. Céleste devotes her life to it and works hard. Surely she will win and make her parents proud! Unless there are some unexpected mistakes…

KIDS Digital Video
AMI-AMI, Rascal - Edited by Pastel:
"In a pretty valley, without knowing each other, live a little rabbit and a big bad wolf”. If they cross paths, anything could happen: the best or the worst. The two animals have always dreamed about friendship but not exactly in the same way…