Bell Shakespeare presents The Misanthrope

She has the success, the influence, and the looks.

And yet she’s a misanthrope – a sharp-tongued cynic forced to ‘play nicely’ on the social scene when she’d rather avoid human contact altogether.

Enter the world of The Misanthrope, a piercing satire of glamorous society, where compliments are commerce and honesty is unwelcome. Where a woman who speaks her mind no matter who she offends, meets a man who is young, beautiful and wrapped up in a life of shallow social climbing.

Is this a tale of true love, or a tale of untruths? 

This is Molière with a twist, as Danielle Cormack plays the savvy, sophisticated misanthrope who rejects the superficiality of a society laden with insincerity.

Set behind the scenes at a music video shoot, this 17th century comedy screams into the 21st century. Presented in association with Griffin Theatre Company and directed by Griffin’s Artistic Director, Lee Lewis this is a riotous comedy of manners – without the manners.


To win a double pass to the performance on Sunday 9th September at 4.00pm, email your name and contact details to with the subject ‘ORTON’.