Win a copy of Julien Doré's new album 'aimée'

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With over 300 million streams and over 1.5 million records sold, multi-award-winning artist Julien Doré is using his platform to share not only his most personal recordings yet, but also his thoughts on important global issues on new album ‘aimée’.

Musicians can be discovered in a variety of ways, maybe through radio play, or supporting a bigger artist in concert or at a festival – or maybe you win a TV talent show and your popularity explodes. 

For musician, Julien Doré, who grew up in a small commune in Southern France, it was an appearance on French TV’s Nouvelle Star (the equivalent of Australian Idol) in 2007, that catapulted him from small stages playing ukulele to the big time. 13 years and six albums later, the artist is looking to branch out into the international scene with his most personal and eclectic album to date.

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